Application DomainAPPLICATION
  • Wind power
    Wind power, wind power or wind power. Belong to the renewable energy, clean energy. Wind power is an important form of wind energy, wind energy is a renewable, no pollution, high energy, wide prospect of energ
  • Steel sector
    Bad working condition of bearing used in iron and steel industry, in addition to inherit the fine iron powder, moisture content, and high temperature, under high load, impact load
  • Engineering machinery
    Active local mining machinery, engineering machinery, mostly mountains and desert from human normal life mining site, sometimes even work on 2000 meters underground.
  • Health Care
    In the face of such challenges, new equipment needs to be faster, safer and more reliable diagnosis and treatment
  • Field of railway and high-speed rail
    In the field of railway transport, car is used to power vehicles. A moving car can be a locomotive or emu traction unit.
  • Agricultural machinery
    Over the years, provides farmers with high strength and high output power required for homework.
  • Papermaking machinery
    Based on the application of knowledge and experience of industry expertise for heavy industry, the pulp and paper pulp to provide customers in the field of application of the bearing technology and services.
  • Automobile industry
    Design and computer simulation to help us to create the very safe wheel hub bearing through optimizing calculation method of the bearing (Bearinx) and finite element analysis (ABAQUS, Nastran, Marc)
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