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Based on the application of knowledge and experience of industry expertise for heavy industry, the pulp and paper pulp to provide customers in the field of application of the bearing technology and services. Well-known manufacturers of paper machine and maintenance and production departments for decades the result of the cooperation in the field of pulping and papermaking has made a lot of technical expertise. Hundreds of paper mill are from reliable, efficient and improve production speed benefit of personalized solutions. Pulp by raw materials, such as wood (round wood pulp, mechanical pulp and chemical pulp) or waste paper. After finish these materials through multiple stages of the process. In preparation for the pulp, pulp grinding machine for grinding fiber materials. Preliminary processing of wood or enrichment of fibers in the pulping machine was between platters, pulping machine equipped with blade plate. Must be suitable for high speed and large load. Axial lead are done by a sliding bearing and radial is guided by two special cylindrical roller bearing. Standard lubrication method is to use direct injection to the bearing oil circulation way.

Pressure screen for the pulp preparation process was carried out on the water/fiber mixture separation. The mixture into the sieve cylinder and out through the mesh. A rotor to maintain a sieve sieve cylinder clean. The rotor bearing arrangement is vertical. As a result, a large axial load effect on the lower bearing positioning; The load borne by a four-point contact bearing. Shaft radial guide provided by two cylindrical roller bearings. The applications require the use of grease lubrication.

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