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Over the years, provides farmers with high strength and high output power required for homework. Timken bearing can help designers achieve greater load capacity in agricultural equipment, the reliability of the farming season and long trouble-free service life. According to the literal interpretation, the tractor is horse farm. To drag an agricultural tractor need motivation. In all specifications of the equipment, timken products can help them get more farming horsepower. Whether drive line location, gear box or shaft, timken can provide many kinds of bearing type and design, make and ensure the tractor trouble-free farming and reliable. The captain of the packaging years working in dusty environment. In the baling press is located in the support roller, drive system and screw propeller bearings are often damaged by into the debris inside. In addition, due to the packing machine idle most of the time of the year, so the bearings are often in wet or other harsh conditions. The key to making effective seal bearing life. Timken? Fafnir? Bearing and seal in accordance with industry standards, to develop innovative equipment design engineers still seeking timken bearing support professional knowledge. Estimates that no other agricultural mechanical energy to live longer than the harvester. Harvester idle most of the time of the year, then may need to be in a very short period of time full up and run at full capacity. Therefore, harvester must have reliable performance. Dozens of parts within the harvester, loaded with timken bearing, they can under the condition of severe dust and pollution to provide reliable service. Timken offers all kinds of bearing, seal, and improved products for agricultural machinery design personnel selection, to ensure bearing in complex harvester systems have long trouble-free service life.

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